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Company Profile: Beijing Bioss Technology Co., Ltd.(short for: BSS), founded in 2010, professional for in vitro diagnostic reagent production enterprises to provide cost-effective core materials, colloidal gold chromatography reagents semi-finished products, fluorescence immune chromatography reagents semi-finished products and accessories, supplies equipment and technical services, such as enterprise including r&d, production, sales and service, can in time for in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturer to provide the overall solution, such as: For manufacturers to establish new products, old product performance optimization, cost reduction, etc., can be tailored for enterprises to better quality products and services. 
At present, Parsyth customers all over the world, with high quality products and services to win the favor of customers. Our r & D, production and quality control personnel are experienced technical personnel who have worked in this industry for more than 10 years and can actually solve technical problems for customers. 
In the future, The team will adhere to the mission of "always provide customers with cost-effective product and services", meet customer needs as the first pursuit of the goal, is committed to become a reliable IVD product supplier and service provider. 

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    After sales worry free

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    Safe distribution

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